got a gripe?

  • what the fuck is up with our local government? an under cover sport stadium for our fair weather supporters, a tram line that very few people will use and now a heated lake. Are they on drugs or are they just stupid?
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  • Limited or no mobile reception in the bathrooms.
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  • Rugby League coaches who don't want to make excuses then go ahead and make excuses.
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  • Wives who don't want sex and don't 'put out' but want Husbands to remind 'faithful'
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  • Wives who don't appreciate what Husbands do around the house and for the family
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  • Betting odds not being available for the big game yet.
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  • One player teams like the Parramatta Eels, take Jarryd Hayne away and they are nothing.
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  • Lift thief's
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  • Spirit Airlines not taking responsibility for damaged they caused to Coach luggage.
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  • Jarryd Hayne doing his Hayne Plane after a try. You'd think he was the only guy to ever score a try!
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