got a gripe?

  • work filters stopping me from doing work
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  • Ricky Stuart.. the gift that keeps on giving
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  • Armchair selectors with zero experience. Geordie Peats is about 50 years old. Blake Austins three good games in a row doesn't maketh a state of origin player. How about he does it week in and week out for a season and then we will talk.
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  • NSW Selectors picking a shit 5/8 and forwards. Who does Wade Graham, Maloney, Matt Moylan, Alex Johnson, Austin Blake, & Geordie Peats have to fuck!
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  • That's one gay ass looking table, does some poor cunt have to set that up at half time? Why not just stand on the ground like a normal person.
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  • I see he has have a gay ass little dance to go with that faggety mustache.
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  • This "cash out" shit. I don't understand it. Also how do you cash out on a live game via your phone? Pretty sure its bullshit.
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  • Low income earners apparently doing the heavy lifting after the budget. No the people paying heaps of tax and getting zero benefits are doing that.
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  • Work
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  • Infopath
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